The Weather Forecasters got the early morning totally wrong. No Fog/Mist.. No Freezing Conditions. When I arrived on HC early morning It was 6ºC and Sunny! The temperature being the best start of the week.

Got to see another new moth under the Wardens Office Lights. I actually passed this by twice, thinking it was a small (10-12mm) leaf. This moth is called a Scalloped Hook-Tip…

IMG_6517 IMG_6518

In the nearby Gorse found this very small Spider (2-3mm). Its not a great photo, but being so small and on the move, I’m glad to at least have this photo. As yet Unidentified…


Greylag Geese flying to the Mere Lane Pool…


Part of my walk today, involved going over the Bumblebee Survey Route. No Problem with the route. But being new myself to Bumblebees, I now know how much harder it will be, compared to the Butterfly survey. Some of them Buzz right by, without a chance of an ID. Also I do have plenty to learn…take this photo for example. I think its a Carder Bee. But I now know there are other species of Carder Bee which look very similar. Also need to learn more about Bumblebee anatomy. For example..I have not got a clue what all those things are hanging down low are…As it got 3 tongues (proboscis)?


Plenty of flowering White Nettle now…


The Bluebells are also coming into flower now…




Great Tit…


Sorry! But I can’t resist a singing Tree Pipit photo…


First Common Heath Moth of the year. This one being a male, and deep in the grass…


Hoverfly (Syrphus)… On a Dandelion…


Seemed more Butterflies today. All of which were the commoner species including this Small Tortoiseshell and Green-veined White…

IMG_6536 IMG_6538

In the meadow, I found this very small delicate Field Pansy (Viola arvensis)…


Also in the meadow, found this Sawfly that I have not seen before. Like the spider above, I can’t find the identification. But I will update as soon as I do. Been looking quite a while now. i thought with those red markings, it would be easy to find….


On my usual drive home, I was a bit disappointed last week, after seeing two possible Skylark nests, and also a possible Lapwing nest site below Enville Golf Club, the farmers decided to plough the field. But today it did get a bit of bird life back, in the shape of this Red-legged Partridge…



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