Firstly I would just like to wish Jeff Sim all the best in the London Marathon tomorrow! Jeff works for the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, and he’s running to raise money for The Roaches.   GOOD LUCK JEFF!!

Today started off lovely, and with it being 11ºC it was also the warmest early start. Unfortunately those dreaded April showers finally arrived.

As usual checked out the SWT Wardens Office Lights. Unlike yesterday it turned up 2 Moths. 1 of them being a new moth to my ever expanding moth list.

This was the new Moth for me, its called a Lunar Marbled Brown, a very nice looking moth if you ask me…


Now I have a story about this next photo. Luckily when I arrived Ken Ball was already at The Wardens Office. We both found the 2 moths. So not having my camera ready I told Ken to carry on taking his photos. Where the Luck came in, was that Ken had finished photographing this beautiful Pebble Hook-tip, and was moving round to photograph the above Lunar Marbled Brown. I had no sooner got my lens in position, when the Moth took off. Also luckily it was a moth I had seen and photographed before… So I would like to thank Ken for this photo of a real beauty…


After checking the SWT Wardens Office out, we decided to walk round the wooded area to the east today. See if we could see or hear some of the rarer migrants. Like Wood Warbler, Whinchat, Pied Flycatcher etc. But with the rain and clouds moving in, it went deadly quiet. We did see a male and female Blackcap. I did manage a photo of the female Blackcap. After that with the rain getting heavier, we decided to call it a day!



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