Dull and Cold with Light Rain.

Although the day started off at 5ºC, it felt a lot colder. In fact first time for ages I had to put my coat on. I was hopeful of a few moths overnight with above freezing temps. But the overnight rain put an end to that. There was one moth, this Common Quaker…

IMG_6714 IMG_6717

The leaves are now getting thicker on the trees, and also plenty of Rosebay Willowherb in the foreground shooting up…


Got to see a Male and Female Cuckoo on Goldie Heath. The Female went deep into the wood. The Male was scared off round the corner to Brants Hill by a couple of dog walkers. So I decided to follow just in case the female appeared out of the woods there. She didn’t come out. But I did spot the male fly down to the ground from a tree. With these next 2 photos, I really wished there hadn’t been so much Tree and Heather foliage in the way. Also I was not prepared for the Robin attack! Not great photos, but the photos do tell a story, about how most small birds dislike Cuckoo’s. On the first photo you can just make out the Robin (on the right) considering the attack…

IMG_6719 IMG_6720

I always knew that Grey Squirrels were American. What I did not know, is how many times they Pledge Allgiance…

IMG_6721 IMG_6722

Robin with unknown Larva…




Great Tit…


Blue Tit…




On Thursday, when the Wood Warbler put in an appearance, I was bending over to take a photo of a Longhorn Moth (Adela reaumrella). Although I missed the photo opportunity, Gary Pascoe did manage this photo of this female the same day. Thanks Gary for the photo…



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