Must start by saying I forgot an observation yesterday. Strange because for me it was the highlight of the day! I actually saw my first Dingy Skipper on Highgate Common. Was really unlucky, I was just about to take a photo, and it decided to go deeper in the Bilberry to avoid the wind which had just picked up.

Not much time over HC today, due to the soaking I got!

Checked out the Wardens Office Lights. Did not expect anything. But there was one moth. At first I thought I had a new moth species for my list. But it turned out to be one I’ve seen quite a lot, but just a different colour variety. Its another Brindled Beauty, but this time its actually the colour its most commonly seen like…


Thought I’d check out the Island Pool, to see if the Large Red Damselflies still emerge in the rain. Turns out they still do…

IMG_6800 IMG_6801 IMG_6802

Not quite sure why I found Frog Spawn 5 foot up a tree. Maybe birds eating it????


This next photo is total garbage. But I was totally shocked to see it flying out in the open in Driving Rain and Wind. Also I was getting soaked taking it. I managed 2 photos (this the best), I was just about to keep taking other photos, when the wind got hold of it, and blew it a mile away! Luckily there is enough information on the photo to identify it. When I saw it, I knew I had a larger and cream coloured Longhorn Moth with long white antennae (which I have never seen before). I have now seen 3 species of Longhorn Moth. With this one being called:- Nematopogon swammerdamella. Which Must be the longest moth name I have ever seen…



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