Mixed weather again. First couple of hours patchy sun. Followed by heavy rain.

First Green Shieldbug of the year I’ve found. It was on the Bilberry by the Island Pool…


Got my best photo of a Heather Beetle. Mainly because this one wasn’t on the Heather for a change…


When I see a leaf with holes in it, I always spend a bit of time looking for what caused it. This time it was a Mottled Umber Caterpillar, in an early Instar. Always nice to find a caterpillar, that you have also seen the adult moth…

IMG_6829 IMG_6830

Loads of St. Marks Flies (Bibio marci) around at the moment…


This is the first Weevil (Phyllobius) I’ve seen this year. I do love the look of this one…


Just about spotted this Micro Moth, it was so well camouflaged. Its called Syndemis musculana…


Nice to see a Water Carpet in its natural habitat…



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