Grey and Windy Morning!

Started the morning off down Mere Lane, where Ken had spotted a Little Owl. I only got a brief look, as the Owl flew from a nearby tree. But being so near to HC, I’m going to count it on my Bird Year List. The Little Owl now takes me to 63 for the year.

On arrival at the Wardens Office, I already knew there was a moth there, because Ken and Hannah had already let me know (Thanks to you Both). I first thought it was a Lobster Moth, but when I checked at home, it was a similar species called a Great Prominent. This is good news for myself, being another new moth species to my list. On the bottom photo note how long its hair is, you can only just make the one eye out…

IMG_6841 IMG_6842 IMG_6843

I found my first Hairy Shieldbug of the year. If you look closely you can make out the hairs that give this species of Shielbug its name…


Banded Snail, I always wonder why a Thrush never picks off one of these, when they are so out in the open…


Another first for the year…This pair of 14 Spot Ladybirds in the Nettles…


Also on the Wardens Office wall was this Striped Millipede. Must admit, I don’t think I have ever seen this Striped species before…


This Beetle at the moment is Unidentified. It was only about 3-5mm long…


I got a slightly better photo of this Hoverfly – (Leucozona lucorum). On the Bilberry by the Island Pool…


Yet again by the Island Pool, there was another floral tribute. By the looks of the card the tribute was for a obviously loved dog….


Unidentified Larva…


This is another Weevil (Phyllobius) but a different colour form…


Two Cuckoos today. Male and Female. I did get a photo of the male…


Roll On The Better Weather!!!


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