Nicest day I’ve had over Highgate Common for a while. Sunny with not much wind.

Checked out The Wardens Office lights, after Ken had seen a Phoenix moth this morning. Unluckily for me it wasn’t there. I have seen a Phoenix before, but at a moth night, so I only got poor photos.  Really glad I did check out the lights though, tucked away tight up against the light itself was this Coxcomb Prominent, the first of 2 new moths for my list today. The one Cream coloured tuft, and the one Dark coloured tuft, is distinctive in this moth….


With the weather so nice, there was quite a lot of birds singing in the late afternoon sun…

Willow Warbler…


Garden Warbler…

IMG_7001 IMG_7002

Must have been a big emergence of Small Yellow Underwing’s today. Must have seen at least 20…

IMG_6999 IMG_6988

Red and Black Froghopper…


This is the first Black-headed Cardinal Beetle this year I’ve seen…


Nomada fulvicornis…


After photographing loads of Brindled Pugs a few weeks ago. Its nice to find a new Pug. This is a really small Pug. Its called a Marsh Pug, and is the 2nd new moth for my list today. Not a great photo, as it was never still long enough, and when I finally did photograph it, there was a blade of grass in the way…


Photographed my first Small Copper this year. It was feeding on the Forget Me Nots…


Also feeding on Forget Me Nots was this Brown Argus…


This is the smallest Mining Bee I have ever seen. It had gathered a lot of pollen, so I guess it may get a bit larger…


Saw at least 6 Large Red Damselflies round the Island Pool this afternoon…



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