With the weather being so bad the last 2 days, it was nice to get back to what I hope is the start of the warmer sunny summer days, like today!

Looking out of our bedroom window, I have always seen Hot Air Balloons taking off, and then coming back to land. I always thought they were doing this from Halfpenny Green Airport. But travelling over to HC this morning. I found out it was nearer to HC and Enville Golf Course than I realised.

Not wildlife I know, but there’s something magical seeing 2 Hot Air Balloons float across an early morning blue sky. Both of these were just about to land…

IMG_7649 IMG_7650

Back to the wildlife. Had a bit of a coincidence this morning. I only found the Larva of this Timothy Tortrix a week ago. When  the identification came in, must admit I had never heard of the moth. Because I research and always look up the identifications that people give me, I knew right away, that I had an adult moth…


Loads of Harlequin Ladybirds around this morning…

IMG_7651 IMG_7646

I think this could be another Scopariinae…


Fine Streaked Bugkin (Nymph)…


Hoverfly…Volucella bombylans… White-tailed Bumblebee mimic…


Common Blue on Fox and Cubs…


Small Copper on Fox and Cubs…


Only my 2nd ever landed Brimstone photo…


Orchid….making sure which one….

IMG_7648 IMG_7656


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