Sad start to the day today. Seeing an injured Badger on Highgate Road. This is the second injured Badger I have seen in the matter of a week. The last one on the Common itself. Both situations left me feeling helpless. But at least I now have a number to call if I see a Badger injured again. Thanks Cobs the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Warden for the number. The number is for The Badger Trust on 01543 503236. Although sunny, there was a really strong wind whistling round HC this morning.

Male Bullfinch… IMG_7672 The Long-tailed Tits were quite active this morning, and forming large groups. I would say this is due to the good number of young that HC seem to have this year. This adult was calling the juvenile above… IMG_7673 IMG_7674 Watching Springwatch this week, they mentioned Swallow’s following people round, to catch the insects the people were disturbing walking in the grass. It did make me wonder if this does actually happen, especially with quite a few Swallow’s flying round me and Ken this morning… IMG_7676 The numbers of Common Blue seem to be picking up now.  Clover seemed to be the food plant of choice today, with this male on Red Clover and a female on White Clover… IMG_7675 IMG_7678 Small White… IMG_7679 Just about saw this Slow Worm with only its head sticking out the Bracken. Probably trying to warm up… IMG_7680 Thanks to Ken for sending me this next photo (taken yesterday). Its a White Ermine and it looks like its laid some eggs on one of the Wardens Office lights. I did check the eggs on ukleps.org and they look exactly the right colour and shape… IMG_7670


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