Seems strange doing another 12th of June post. Obviously being at HC at 1am Friday morning, I now get to add the short visit I did in the day time.

For anyone interested in seeing Glow Worms. The Stafforsdshire Wildlife Trust have organised a Nocturnal Wildlife Walk for the 18th June 9:30pm – Late. I just hope people who go on it, have the same experiences I did the other night…


The Great-spotted Woodpeckers have now fledged from their tree hole. Only managed 3 distant photo’s, with both parents really good at avoiding people. Also I never like to hang around a nest site to long. I’m not into disturbing nature for the sake of a photo. These photo’s were taken a couple of weeks ago…

IMG_7083IMG_7081 IMG_7082

Only really visited the Wardens Office on the 12th….

A slightly different angle of a Hebrew Character…


Mottled Pug…


Hard to believe this is another Green Carpet with it being so faded. Just for comparison I will post the Green Carpet I took the other week (Bottom Photo)…


A very high up Silver Ground Carpet…


You can just male out the Red Antenna on this Pale Tussock…

IMG_7785 IMG_7790

The White Ermine eggs look slightly different now….



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