From yesterday tea-time, right till I am writing this post. Its done nothing but rain. But unbelievably it turned out not to be a bad wildlife day. Nothing exciting, but I didn’t expect to see anything.

Started visit off as usual at Wardens Office. Slightly disappointed I missed out on taking a photo of an Orange version of a Common Marbled Carpet. It would have been my 1st moth photographed today! But I decided to check out all the other lights. By the time I fetched my camera it had gone.

I did manage a better photo of a Silver Ground Carpet…


Buff Ermine…


This Pebble Hook-Tip is one of my favourite moths…


Purple Bar…


Loads of Pale Tussocks this morning. This one thought it could camouflage itself on the security camera cage…


I think this might be the 1st time I have photographed a Small Magpie at HC. But I think most people have seen one of these, especially if you have garden lights…


This is only my 2nd ever sighting of a Coxcomb Prominent…


So with the dry photography done under the Wardens Office roof, I bravely decided to have a walk on The Common itself. The next set of photos are my typical rainy grey type photos, but at least I had a nice walk. Strange seeing one Telegraph pole with a Great Spotted Woodpecker on, and the next telegraph pole down the lane, with a Kestrel on it…

IMG_7815 IMG_7823

Even though it was raining heavy Tree Pipits have to feed their young…


This Willow Warbler was also looking through the heather for food, before it took off…


This male Yellowhammer looks like it enjoys colour matching caterpillars…



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