Lovely sunny morning. Yet the weathermen were saying friday, it had got to be rainy all weekend…WRONG!!!!

If you want to know how rainy it was over the last few days…ask this Red-legged Partridge. It looked absolutley soaked. Always like it when a bird settles down and carries on behaving normally, so you know you ain’t disturbing it.  In this case eating what looks like grass seed…

IMG_7859IMG_7857 IMG_7858

Luckily photographed this Whitethroat just has it caught a Garden Chafer…

IMG_7850 IMG_7852 IMG_7853

Over the years I’ve been really lucky on these Green Telegraph Wires. But I didn’t expect, what I did see while photographing this  beautiful Goldfinch singing…


While photographing above Goldfinch, I caught a flash of yellow fly up to the same green telegraph wire. My first thought was a Yellowhammer, especially being a 100 yards away. Then I noticed the long tail. As I got nearer I could tell I had a Yellow Wagtail. I took some early distant record photos, and kept creeping forward. Luckily it let me get nearly underneath it. All the while I was taking photos it carried on singing. But with the early morning sunlight, the closer photos were darker. But these photos are my best ever of this stunning bird. So much so, I’ll post most of them, for you to enjoy. Its funny a few weeks ago Simon, Kens friend said he heard a Yellow Wagtail, but me being slightly deaf I did not pick the call out.  I was actually thinking that would be a 1st for me at Highgate Common. This bird takes my Year List for HC to 64…

IMG_7862 IMG_7863 IMG_7865IMG_7867IMG_7864IMG_7868 IMG_7870

Grey Heron…


It was also a good morning at the Wardens Office. I was hoping for the Orange wing form of the Common Marbled Carpet. I didn’t see that colour, but I did see this dark Brown form of the Common Marbled Carpet…


This is the 1st Grass Wave I’ve seen this year. It is a common moth at HC, and you usually see them in thick grassy areas..


Also the 1st Brown Rustic of the year…


Small Phoenix…




I took this next photo, not because of the Buff Ermine moth, but because I noticed these 2 small flies on it. Thats a first for me. Never seen flies on a moth before…

IMG_7847 IMG_7848

This is only my 2nd Marbled White Spot I have ever seen. Not a great photo, but it was really high up…


It looks like if you are a White Ermine female. The best place to lay your eggs, is on a HC Wardens Office light. Thats a group of eggs over the Office main door. Plus these over the Toilet door…



2 thoughts on “14.6.15.

  1. Annie Bos says:

    Thanks Andy for these beautiful photos with so many details!
    It shows again your affection for nature!
    Keep them coming, we never get bored with them!


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