Lovely and sunny again this morning. It was also 17ºC at 7:30 am.

Highlight of the morning was seeing my 1st Painted Lady this year! But if The Butterfly Conservation are right, this will be the first of many this year. Love the photo of the Painted Lady in flight…

IMG_7930 IMG_7929

Large Red Damselfy…


I saw my 2nd and 3rd Meadow Brown. Also the first Red Admiral flew through, but to fast to photograph…


Nice to see another Four-dotted Footman, but this time, where I usually see Footman moths…In the Grass…


Meadow Grasshopper…


Another favourite moth of mine,is this Marbled White Spot. Just love their Red eyes…


Only moth of note at The Wardens Office was this Bee Moth. Had to take this photo, just on how it was over the edge of the wood, showing its snout…


3 Updates:-

I showed Ken today how many of these Larva there actually were. The surprise to me is that these are 24 Spot Ladybird Larva. The surprise being I only saw my 1st ever 24 Spot Ladybird about a month ago. Its the only Ladybird I’ve seen with a Red head. So it looks very promising that we are going to see some more of these beautiful Ladybirds. This is a new photo taken today…


The bug I photographed yesterday is a Mirid Bug (Leptopterna) Nymph…


This Update took me till 1:00am this morning to find out…The plane is a WW2 Curtis P-40 Kittyhawk…



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