After yesterday’s tea time rain, I thought today maybe disappointing. But for me it was a really good day!

A few weeks ago I took a photo of a Scarlet Tiger caterpillar , and said I wish some of the great larva I was photographing would show up at the Wardens Office. Well today I got my wish. I couldn’t believe my eyes, two Scarlet Tiger’s on the office door frame. Also probably the lowest moths I’ve photographed at the Wardends Office….

IMG_7977 IMG_7967

Decided to take a close up of this White Ermine. Don’t think I have a facial of this species…

IMG_7969 IMG_7982

This Cinnabar was the only other moth at the Wardens Office…


The Mining Bees seemed more active again today…..


Yellow-tail caterpillar…..


Love the feather pattern/markings on this Carrion Crows Mantle….


Unidentified Grasshopper….


The coming and going’s of a Foxglove….


This was a great end to my morning. I never get tired of seeing Buff-tips. Especially when I find one on a tree trying to hide. I wonder how many I pass a day on trees with it fantastic camouflage?….

IMG_7991 IMG_7986 IMG_7988 IMG_7990


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