Mixed weather conditions this morning. Started off sunny. Turned grey and breezy!

Sounds like the people who went on the Nocturnal Wildlife Walk last night had a good time. Things seen were…  5/6 Woodcock, 5 Glow Worms, A number of Pipistrelle Bats by the Island Pool. Also Tawny Owls heard.

Not many moths at Wardens Office this morning. I did photograph another Brown Rustic…


Also a Brown Silver-line…


This male Bullfinch was busy eating new catkins…


First young Robin I’ve seen this year…


The air over Highgate Common this time of year, is full with the sweet smell of Honeysuckle. There seems more than ever this year. Which bodes well for the White Admirals. …


Plenty of Brown China-marks on the Island Pool…


Common Marble (Celypha lacunana)…


Scarce Footman Larva…


As yet this is an Unidentified Leafhopper. It took me ages to get a photo of this Leafhopper. It always wanted to be on the other side of the plant stem away from my camera…

IMG_8005 IMG_8006

A real tatty looking Common Blue…


The number of Large Skippers are still on the increase. With these two obviously in love. Male on the left with the Black diagonal line. Female on right, without black line…



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