Longest Day of the Year!!!

Mixed weather again this morning! I do wish the weather would settle down a little. its really hard to know what to wear.

I saw a number of strange things on my walk today. Nature is certainly full of surprises.

My patience with taking photos of Carpet Moths paid off today. I was actually thinking.. here I go again, taking what looks like a slightly different Carpet Moth. Then I get home to find out, its just a variant of a Carpet Moth I have already seen. Well today it was a different moth, and a new Moth to add to my list. Its called a Broken-barred Carpet. It gets its name from the obvious broken bar on either wing…


The only other moth at The Wardens Office was this Silver-ground Carpet. This one I’m getting to know really well…


The 1st strange thing that happened this morning, was a Tree Pipit sitting really low in some Honeysuckle. Photographed loads of Tree Pipits over the years, but never seen one sitting in Honeysuckle. The reason became more clear when I looked at my photos when I got home. Its actually a recently fledged Tree Pipit. You can tell this by its Yellow Gape still in evidence at the base of the beak. For me thats great news for HC and the people who put so much effort in, trying to keep the species we have…


Another young bird seen today was this Great Tit, yet again with the yellow gape…

IMG_8023 IMG_8024

The 2nd strange thing that happened this morning, was at about 7am. At this time it was quite dull and very cool. Walking along the path I noticed a small Slow Worm. My 1st instinct is to take a distant photo with the long lens. But as I got closer and closer it did not move at all. Like the Badger the other week I tried to encourage it out of harms way. Gently touching it on the side it never moved. I could also feel it was stone cold. At this point, I just presumed it had died. So then I picked it up with my fingers to take a closer look, even then it retained the shape in this photo (below) and I just thought rigor mortis had set in. I placed it on my palm…Then a Shock as its head twitched. I guessed it may have been too cold for it, so I cupped my palms gently round it. I could slowly feel it getting warmer, and moving way more. At this I placed it in a very safe place, with loads of food and warmth. Walked away feeling I had done my good deed for the day! I will have to ask Paul Wilkinson the next time I see him, if this is a common occurrence…


Forgot to say yesterday, that The Reptile Group got to see the 1st Ringlets on HC this year. In fact there were 2. Well today I did have my camera, and got my 1st photo of a Ringlet this year…


I also saw this Small White…


Yellow-barred Longhorn on Flag Iris…


With the Reptile Group yesterday, we had the pleasure of seeing numerous Common Lizards popping out from the undergrowth. With no camera yesterday, I decided to try my luck today. Amazingly I only saw one popping out today. But at least it stayed still long enough for this photo to be taken…


The 3rd strange thing that happened today, I think I may have seen a couple of years ago. It starts off, by me seeing a freshly dug out hole. Then when I looked closer I noticed 35 (I did count) Red-tailed Bumblebees on the surface of the hole. With more inside. What was different this time for me, is that there were quite a few dead or dying on the surface too. Just as I was typing this, I was also on my iPad looking for reasons why this happens. On a website called storm-crow.co.uk They say….Predators are normally limited to creatures that dig up nests such as Badgers and Wood Mice. Well I can definitely rule out Wood Mice, with the hole 10 inches across. But with the location of this hole, I think I finally know whats happened…

IMG_8045 IMG_8044IMG_8046 IMG_8048IMG_8047

One of the Invertebrate Signs turned up a Marbled White Spot…

IMG_8038 IMG_8039 IMG_8040

Always called this next Rose, Just Wild Rose, but I thought I would check for the Blog. Its actually called Dog Rose (Rosa canina agg)…



The Curtis P-40 Kittyhawk was speeding around again today. This time it was making a loud whistling noise. Noises you only hear in WW2 Films. But to me, who was brought up on my Grandads stories of the war, its music to my ears. Mind you I’m glad he is only over a few minutes at a time…



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