Lovely and warm afternoon.

Finally managed a full photo of a Yellow Shell. These moths are usually well hidden in the Heather. But this one at the Wardens Office this afternoon, was showing well, although a little high up…


It must have been the warm weather, because the next 2 mating photos made me laugh. With this photo i’ve never seen a Common Blue Damselfly male being held up in the air, whilst the female lays her eggs. I did watch this happen for a couple of minutes, and the male just stayed rigid throughout….


Another unusual mating was this as yet Unidentified Robber-fly. This also lasted for quite some time….


Best day this year for Butterflies by far. I saw 1 Red Admiral, 1 Speckled Wood, 2 Small White, 1 Peacock, 10+ Large Skippers and 2 Small Heath. Only managed this photo of a Large Skipper. The rest were all super charged…


Also good numbers of Meadow Grasshoppers. I’m putting a bit extra time each visit now, in the boggy area looking for the Bog Bush Cricket. Noticed on orthoptera.org.uk they are mostly photographed on Heather. So that may help in my quest…


Not sure if this is a wild Chrysanthemum, I spotted up the Heathland Corridor….

IMG_8067 IMG_8068


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