Spent about 3 hours over HC this afternoon. While at work this morning it was really sunny, no wind and 25ºC. While on break I decided it was ideal conditions to try my Clearwing Pheromones. Unfortunately by the time I got over HC it had dropped to the minimum of 20ºC, the sun had gone in, and a constant light breeze had turned up. Not such good conditions, but worth a try, especially hearing there had been Welsh Clearwing attracted to a pheromone yesterday at Cannock Chase.

So here are my results:-

I took 4 pheromones and hanged them from different trees. Here are two I photographed set up…

IMG_8093 IMG_8094

Amazingly the 1st thing to check out one of the Pheromones was this Robin…


On the Pheromone instructions, it does say other moths maybe attracted to the pheromone. The first moth that came close, and landed near by, in the undergrowth, was this Common Carpet…


The only other thing that did turn up near the pheromones, was this Clouded Border. Which I do believe is my first at HC. So perhaps using the pheromones was not in vain after all. Next time I will try a second area with the pheromones, and hopefully the weather will stay hot, sunny and no wind….


Spotted what I think are Spiders Eggs, in the middle of this oval shaped web…


With so much time watching the pheromones, the only other thing photographed was this Meadow Grasshopper…



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