Weather on the Glow Worm Survey last night was warm. The moon was shining bright, and we also had great views of the stars.

The survey group managed to count 29 Glow Worms. I once again tried to photograph a Glow Worm which was sitting out in the open, on a bit of broken tree branch. Not much success really, I did try using a bit of light to aid with seeing more of the Glow Worm, not just its glow. I must admit, what I think I’m having problems with, is my eyes in the almost pitch black, especially so near to the ground. I just can’t see if I’m focused in correctly. Also since I’ve had this new Macro Lens, I’m still learning to  stay a bit further away from the subject. Easy in broad daylight, but at night not so easy!  Here is my best poor effort from last night. But at least you can see a bit more of the Glow Worm itself this time…


This Afternoons weather was muggy, but overcast.

Got some photo’s sent me from Ken. He had seen a Ghost Moth at the Wardens Office. This time not on the wall, but on the ground. With me wanting to see my first ever Ghost Moth, I decided to get the location off Ken, and see if it was still there on the ground. Luckily for me, and with precise directions off Ken. The Moth was still there. The 1st photo here is one Ken sent me. I forgot to take one from above. Although a bit worn, I think its still a beautiful moth….

IMG_8117 IMG_8107IMG_8105

The only other moth at the Wardens Office was a Grass Rivolet…


Counted 20 Ringlets on my short visit today….


This is one of my favourite Sawflies. This one is called Sawfly (Rhogogaster)…


Last night on the Glow Worm survey, I was talking about seeing a Grey Squirrel stripping bark off one of the trees. Looks like it has started on number 2 tree…


One of the Water Lillies (Nymphaeaceae) is now in flower on the Island Pool…


I can appreciate how filling your home, with such a beautiful fragrance such as HC Honeysuckle would be a nice thing. But i always think not at the expense of the wildlife. I know there is loads of Honeysuckle flowering, but just imagine if everyone did this. Bee’s are having it hard as it is…


Ken also sent me this photo. I guess its a good place to read your newspaper!  I’m sure one of these days, I will find Carpet Slippers and a Pipe on a HC Bench…


One Last Item…Can I congratulate Wildlife Watching Supplies on making such a great Camouflage Bean Bag. One good thing about the camouflage pattern on the bean bag, is that it doesn’t scare the wildlife off. One bad thing, is if you lose it, like I did last night on the Glow Worm survey, its so well camouflaged you can’t find it. Even if you try to retrace your footsteps from the night before!!!


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