29th & 30th/5/15.

Two glorious days weather. But not a great day yesterday for me. Broke one of my camera’s, and spent most of yesterday, seeing if I could get it fixed, or have to buy a new camera. Turns out I need to buy another camera.

Yesterday:- These are the last 2 moths I managed to photograph with my 8 year old EOS 450D before it finally died on me. Can’t complain its been a good camera for all those years…

Shoulder-striped Wainscoat. This is only my 2nd ever Wainscoat, and both were new to me. I only saw my 1st one a week or so ago…


Also I saw another new moth, with another coincidence. The other day I took the Dark Arches. Yesterday I saw my 1st Light Arches…


With my small camera broke, I had to ask Ken to take the only other moth yesterday, which he did and sent me. This is a Snout. Well named with its big snout…


The only other thing I photographed yesterday was the Small Tortoiseshell. I needed to get home and check if I could repair my camera…


Today with only the one camera, I decided to do a Butterfly Survey. The Survey was one of my best this year with good numbers seen:- 35 Ringlet, 5 Small Heath, 23 Meadow Browns, 1 Speckled Wood, 2 Small White, 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 9 Large Skipper and 1 Red Admiral.

Before I set off, I did manage a phone photo of this Common Footman. At the Wardens Office…


I think these Frog Tadpoles better look out. I’m sure Goldfish eat them. This was taken at the Dog Pool…


Yellowhammer singing…

IMG_8191 IMG_8193

Not sure what people think is so clever or entertaining about destroying this sign. Lets all hope it never happens to their property!!!



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