Lovely Sunny Morning. It was about 16ºC no wind, great walking conditions.

Started day off at Wardens Office. There were 3 moths Mottled Beauty (Top Photo), The 1st Shaded Broad-bar of the year (Middle Photo) and my 3rd Coxcomb Prominent (Bottom Photo)…

IMG_1504 IMG_1558 IMG_1600

Noticed the Perforate St.John’s Wort sparkling after yesterday’s heavy rain. Its a shame my photo didn’t pick up what my eyes were seeing. But still a beautiful flower I think…


Not such a nice sight soaked as the above plant. I think this was a Timothy Tortrix before losing the battle with the wet conditions…


Found this next plant up The Heathland Corridor. Not being a botanist, I was quite shocked when the identification came in. Its actually an Opium Poppy (Papaver somniferum). Not sure if this is a native species, but I did get high taking the photo…LOL…

IMG_1666 IMG_1693

I have only seen 4 Green Hairstreak this year on HC. So it was nice to find 3 of their Larva today. Looks like they have been busy….Good News I think…

IMG_1763 IMG_1778 IMG_1796

Nice to see the Comma’s turning up today…


Speckled Wood…


Took this Hoverfly by the Island Pond. Its name is Helophilus pendulus. Seeing it by water makes sense. because its scientic name means….Dangling Marsh Lover…


After getting reports of White Admirals earlier in the week. It was nice to see 2 myself today. The 1st one was high up in an Oak Tree, which I just spotted flying around, out the corner of my eye. This sighting was really pleasing, because its in an area I’ve seen most of the White Admirals the last few years. The area being at the top of The Heathland Corridor. So I was wondering if all the tree felling for the Corridor creation would have a negative impact on these lovely butterflies. Obviously Not! The second White Admiral was in the Braken Glade near Brants Hill….


Watched these 2 Dunnocks chase each other round a tree for ages. They finally landed in front of me for a second, before staring all over again…




Must just say how much I enjoyed my walk on Highgate Common this morning! A Real Pleasure!!!


2 thoughts on “3.7.15.

  1. Annie says:

    Glad you enjoyed your walk so much Andrew!
    I enjoyed reading about it!
    Great photos once again!
    Thanks for keeping us updated with all what is happening at HC


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