After one of the worst storms we’ve had for ages last night, the morning turned out quite nice. With the temperature reaching 19ºC.

With the heavy downpour last night I was not expecting to find any moths at the Wardens Office. Luckily there were 2, and this one was another new moth for my list. This moth is called the Small Fan-foot. Its the first Fan-foot I have ever seen…


Not surprisingly the only other moth there was this Marbled White Spot…


With Dave and Ken joining me on the walk this morning, we decided to see if we could find some Common Lizards. Ken seems to be a bit of a jinx when it comes to Lizards. But I’m pleased to say we did see 3. Although all of them didn’t hang around long enough for a photo. While looking for Common Lizards, I did spot this Five-spot Burnet (Zygaena lonicerae/trifolii)…


This was a typical Silver Y shivering its wings just before it took off. Only managed this photo, with it still enough to get a photo. Other wise its just a blur….


One of the lads pointed this Gorse Sheildbug nymph out…


I spotted 3 Speckled Bush-crickets all in the same area. I’ve only ever found individuals in the past…

IMG_2166 IMG_2251 IMG_2281

Its always hard to pass a Small Tortoiseshell photo opportunity up…


This Larva is yet to be identified. After tea, the TV is rubbish, so I will look through about a 1000 Larva photos, see if I can see it….

IMG_2391 IMG_2401 IMG_2406

Best day for Red Admirals today with at least 4 seen, including these 2…

IMG_8242 IMG_8243

Also one of the best days for White Admiral. With another guy joining us to look for them. We actually saw 5. I’m also sure it was my first time of seeing 2 chase each other round. I was also pleased the guy (did not catch his name) got his first photo of a White Admiral…


At the Island Pond we think we saw the 1st Common Darter of the year. But it never gave me a chance for a photo. The Island Pond was surprisingly quite.

Luckily the Dog Pool wasn’t so quiet. We saw both male and female Broad-bodied Chasers. The female never landed, as I spotted her laying eggs. The male was more obliging…

IMG_8245 IMG_8246

Also laying her eggs in the Dog Pool was this Emperor Dragonfly. Always an highlight for me. Its just a shame I did not have a clearer photo opportunity. But I am pleased she laid her eggs in one of the ponds on HC…



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