Mostly Dry, although there was a downpour the weathermen didn’t forecast.

Loads to get through with this post, so I’ll keep the writing down to a minimum. As usual started day off at Wardens Office..

A worn Marbled Beauty…


This is the 1st time I’ve seen this moth. Its called Agapeta Hamana…


Only my 2nd ever Apoptosis turbidana…


This is a male Yellow-tail on one of the lights…


As yet this worn moth is Unidentified…


Most of the moths today seemed worn, like this Light Emerald…


I think this is one of the smallest moths I have ever seen. It’s also Unidentified…


On the Heath itself I found my 1st Dingy Footman this year…


This Common Toad made me laugh. I think it must have thought I hadn’t spotted him/her. So it just stayed still, while I took my photos. I was just moving off, and I heard the rustle of the leaves it was sitting on. When I looked back again it was walking off. Yet again as I got close it froze. It just stayed in the walking position and did not move a muscle (Bottom Photos)…

IMG_5703 IMG_5814 IMG_5841

This was a very attractive larva. Its the larva of a Knot Grass. Never seen a Knot Grass adult….


I saw a few Common Carpets on the wing today…


I always think these are a great way to get children involved in wildlife. The Staffordshire Wildlife Trust do quite a lot of things like this….I wonder if the 5, means I get a £5 note for photographing a Gatekeeper today?  Must admit the Gatekeepers seem a little thin on the ground this year…


Common Blue Damselfly… Close Up…


After yesterday’s confusing Small Skipper photo. I finally got 2 clear cut photos of both species. This is the Small Skipper with the underside of the tips of its antennae Orange…


Now this is the Essex Skipper, with the underside of its antennae Black. It gives a good description in books, saying the antennae look like they have been dipped in black paint. Looks very easy to spot on these photos, but out in the field it can be very hard to see. In fact without my glasses, I can only tell when I look through my macro lens…

IMG_5999 IMG_6034

Five Spot Burnet…


This Shield-bug is Unidentified. Its a very impressive looking bug…


At last a good size Cucumber Spider…


Unidentified Grasshopper…


I’m sure this is a Patchwork Leaf-cutter Bee (Megachile). Watched it ages making the nest hole bigger for the leaf to fit in. It did finally drag the leaf in….


The above Bee, was not the only one making its nest hole bigger. Yet again I watched this Ichneumon Wasp for quite a while. What amazed me, was seeing my photos when I got home, that not only did it carry the Sand/Soil out, it actually flew off with the Sand/Soil. It almost looks like it folds it legs to carry it. Watching this happen in real time it all happened in less than a second. One second it was out, next it was flying off. It was also back in less than a second, so it must have been dropping it really close by. The below photos are of one of the sequences of landing, going in hole, pulling Soil out of hole, and flying off with Soil….


Small White…


Nice to have a short walk this afternoon with Jon Moore, a fellow SIG member. Who was over HC to see White Admirals. Luckily there were a few knocking around, and I think Jon got some close ups. I only took mine from a distance, as I wanted Jon to get some good photos, without me scaring the White Admiral off….

IMG_8405 IMG_8406

And Finally….Why Did The Squirrel Cross The Road?….



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