With the weather so wet this morning I only checked out the Wardens Office wall. So its mainly moths.

The highlight had to be this Large Emerald and a True Lover’s Knot side by side…


Not got many good photos of True Lover’s Knots so I took one on its own…


I believe this is my first time of seeing a 2nd Generation Engrailed which are a lot smaller than the 1st Generation…


Grass Rivulet….


Ichneumon Wasp….


I like it when the moths are a bit lower down, like this male Yellow-tail. You can take them from all angles…

IMG_6768 IMG_6947 IMG_6975 IMG_7159

A nice Riband Wave…


Unidentified Moth…


This was the moth, that got me into moths. Its called a Common Footman. When I heard why the Victorians gave it its name. I was hooked. I do think moths have some great names…

IMG_7016 IMG_7095


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