Another rainy day! So yet again just checked wardens walls out again.

Although rainy, it was a good moth day.

Brimsone Moth…


This is the first of the new moths I saw today. I actually found 2. Its called a V-Pug…

IMG_7288 IMG_7877

There was a very high up Common Wainscot…


One of the many Grass Veneer moths….


Quite a few Brown Rustics today….

IMG_7502 IMG_7555 IMG_8015

As yet this moth is Unidentified….


This Ringlet made a pleasant change to the wall….


In the last week I have seen 3 species of Emerald moth. I’ve seen The Large Emerald, and the Light Emerald. Today I spotted this Common Emerald. Its the smallest of the 3 I’ve seen, and also you can see the chequered edge to the wing…

IMG_7709 IMG_7794

This is the 2nd new moth for my list. Its called a Barred Marble (Celypha striana)…


Light Arches…


Another Unidentified Moth…


I think this 3rd new moth to my list, was my favourite today. its called a Single-dotted Wave…



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