Nice day again, and slightly warmer than yesterday.

Spotted what I first thought was a Moth in a Cob-web. But on closer examination I could see it wasn’t in the web. My next thought was maybe it had escaped a battle with a bird or bat. Looking through my Moth Book and App at home this is actually how this Barred Straw rests normally. Obviously its a new moth to me, or I would have known that fact…


This Peppered Moth was posing well on one of the actual lights at The Wardens Office…


Nearly missed this Scalloped Oak, it had landed where the Blue Tits were nesting earlier on in the year. Not many moths land there…


Quite a few Pied Hoverflies (Slaeva pyrastri) on the actual Common this morning…

IMG_8887 IMG_9366

Although I have seen loads of Harlequin Ladybirds over the years. This is the first Harlequin Ladybird larva I have seen…

IMG_8964 IMG_9026

This is a Mirid Bug (Grypocoris lophyromiris) stysi)….


It seems a long while ago, when I found 2 of these Orange Ladybirds rolled up in a frozen grass, trying to survive the winter….


Four-banded Longhorn Beetle…


This Common Blue Damselfly was catching the morning light, so I could not resist taking a photo…


Fingers crossed that this is the start of the Darters turning up on HC, with hopefully a few Blacks. This female Common Darter was behaving like it had just emerged….


How can you resist taking a photo of a Speckled-bush Cricket, when its sitting up so nice…


Photographed my 1st Brown Hawker this year on Brants Hill….


Green-veined White…


This White Admiral was near the Island Pond…


Just like to say Get Well Soon to one of the HC Rabbits!!!!


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