Sun, Rain, and Wind. But wildlife wise a very good day!!

At the Wardens Office there was a nice mixture of Moth new arrivals…

Spindle Ermine…


White Plume Moth (Pterophorus pentadactyla)…


This was strange, I actually photographed this Marbled Beauty on the 11.7.15. I know this because I checked the damage on its wing and head….


This is my 1st Dun-bar I’ve seen this year…


At last after several photographs, by me and Ken of this moth. Chris Brooks on iSpot finally identified it. Not sure why it was so hard. But after checking My Moth App I know its correct. Its called a Large Twin-spot Carpet…


Teasel Dipsacus…


A few unidentified species now, including 2 Larva a Moth and a Fly…

IMG_9723 IMG_9759 IMG_9867


I’m very sure this is a Peacock larva, seen them hang like this before. But from a plant not a building…


Its alway an highlight when you catch a Purple Hairstreak low down, and out of the high tree canopy. Also pleased it stayed long enough for Cobs the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Warden to see it…


This Common Frog was really lucky by the Dog Pond, I nearly stepped on it…


This Gatekeeper was posing so well, I had to take a photo…


Apotomis turbidana…


Pellucid Hoverfly….


With the Frog being lucky. Unfortunately this Slow Worm was not so lucky. Not sure what had killed it. But this is a reason I always move them off the path and into cover. Taking the Circle of Life into consideration, and looking on a brighter note, if you look carefully the Slow Worm is providing a nice meal for some Red Ants. Oh Well, with the Reptile Survey taking place tomorrow, there will be one less Slow Worm, that we will have the pleasure of seeing…



This was a coincidence, I was only saying to Ken earlier in the morning, that I needed to photograph more Blue Damselflies. Just in case there were any Azure Damselflies amongst them. I have real problems seeing the Stirrup mark on the side of the thorax. But when I looked on my camera image, I could not believe the 1st Blue I took today was in fact a Azure Damselfly….


This was my highlight today, seeing my 1st Emerald Damselfly at Highgate Common. Like the Azure Damselfly above, it was on the Dog Pond. We checked it out earlier on in the morning, but with last years date getting ever nearer when I saw a Black Darter, I thought we would check it again on our walk back to the car. So glad I did…..


Essex Skipper…


Close to The Wardens Office, down Mere Lane. There has been a Quail singing the last 2 days!!!


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