Had to cut todays visit short due to rain. Which was a shame, because its just gone sunny! May do an afternoon visit.

Because of the rain, I only checked out the Wardens Office. I did photograph a new species of moth to add to my list. This one is called a Dusky Sallow. I think this is a splendid looking moth…

IMG_1165 IMG_1205 IMG_1256

There were 2 Yellow-tails on the wall today. The first one I photographed was my normal view of this species. The second Yellow-tail gave me a view of something I have wanted to see for a few years now. Unfortunately to see the actual Yellow Tail, which gives this species its name, this one looks like it was blown into the wall on a rainy night. But the good news was that as me and Ken were leaving it was pulling itself together….


A bit of a yellow theme this morning. I always love to see a Yellow Shell in good condition. It makes for a good photo…


The next moth I only saw for the first time a couple of weeks ago at work. Now I can add this beautiful Buff Arches to my HC List….




A well worn Single-dotted Wave…


I took the top photo of a Peacock caterpillar hanging upside down on Friday morning. Looked at it today and its started pupating (bottom photo)….



I thought I’d post a photo of the Wardens Office lights. There are 8 of these round lights. In this photo you can see 3 of todays moths… Dusky Sallow (on light), Yellow-tail (bottom right) and the Buff Arches (on wooden post, top left)….IMG_1714


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