Here are some of the Updates on Unidentified Species:-

Mottled Grasshopper…


This is a Sawfly Larva called Croesus septentrionalis…


This is the final instar of a Spiked Shieldbug….


Can’t believe this moth got identified, with such little information on the photo. I did check, and I’m really happy with ID. Its called Chrysoteuchia culmella…


This next moth is one of two species. Unfortunately they can only be told apart with dissection. So I will have to say its either a Grey Tortrix or a Light Grey Tortrix….


I was told yesterday that this next beetle was a Click Beetle. But personally never seeing a Click Beetle so big, I thought it must be a species of Ground Beetle. So well done Paul Wilkinson for knowing this fact. Its a Click Beetle (Selatosomus aeneus)…



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