Two days worth of posts here. Only had a short time over HC yesterday. One reason I decided to go over Clee Hills. The other, when we finally did get back. The weather was awful.

The strangest thing about checking The Wardens Office out yesterday was finding this Speckled Bush-cricket on the wood of the canopy….


The moth numbers were down yesterday. There was this Buff-Tip and Engrailed together…

IMG_1768 IMG_1801

Clouded Border…


This next moth might be a new moth for me. But I’m getting it checked out. I suspect it could be a Small Scallop. I happened to notice it looked slightly different from the Wave moths…. Update!!! Just had it confirmed..it is a Small Scallop. So pleased I noticed the difference now…


The only other thing I photographed yesterday was this Mottled Beauty….


Today’s weather although better than yesterday, still had quite a few showers in it. It was also a lot warmer reaching 18ºC while I was there.

As usual started day off at Wardens Office. Yet again today really low numbers of moths. But I did find another (Only my 2nd) Olive Pearl. This one though was in a lot worse condition than the last one I saw…


Common Footman…


At the side of the Office I noticed a Buff Tip resting on what I think is Sheep’s Sorrel. Buff Tips seem the most frequent visiter to the Wardens Office lately…


One of the highlights of the day was seeing/photographing this Purple Hairstreak with its wings open. Anybody who hasn’t seen a Purple Hairstreak with its wings open is missing a treat. Only problem is, is that as the butterfly moves around you get different intensities of purple from the sunlight. At times it looks almost like a purple light shining. In my honest opinion my photographs don’t do it justice….



I always think the Red-tailed Bumblebee male, with its yellow face hairs is such a beautiful Bee…


With quite a few showers, a lot of the butterflies stayed low. But I did manage a photo of this Small Tortoiseshell…


I know the Purple Hairstreak is a beauty, and it is a highlight to see in any day. But today this was my big highlight. After finding 2 Instars of the Spiked Shieldbug nymphs (top 3 photos). My patience was finally rewarded this morning when I spotted this adult. With those pointed spikes and its armoured head, it reminds me of a Triceratops. What a Cracker!!!..

IMG_7353 IMG_7354
IMG_6104 IMG_8561

With Ken arriving a bit later, he missed the Hairstreak and the Spiked Shieldbug. We did try to find another Spiked Shiedlbug. Ken thought he had found one. But it turned out to be this Forest Shieldbug. Which is harder to tell apart in the field especially with our eyes. But it gives a good comparison with above Spiked Shieldbug….


Spotted this new, really small (5mm long) beetle. Its called a Cereal Leaf Beetle…


I cannot believe this is only my 3rd Common Darter (All Females) this year…



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