Mostly dry this morning, but grey overhead.

Not far from HC is Mere Farm Pool. Today a Redshank dropped in. It was chased round a few times by a Lapwing…

IMG_8920 IMG_8979


Also on the pool was quite a few Swallows taking insects off the surface…


Back at The Wardens Office, yet again was quiet. But it did throw up yet another new moth. This one is called Marbled Minor agg (Oligia strgilis agg)…


It also gave me a better look at a Barred Straw (only my 2nd). The last one being in a web, and high up…


The only other thing to photograph at The Wardens Office was this Harvestman (Leiobunum rotundum)…


I found this female Pheasant relaxing in the undergrowth. She certainly was not going to move, and let me get really close…


This female Large Yellow Underwing was in good condition….


Ken found and photographed a Spiked Shieldbug, which I was happy about. There seemed plenty of Shieldbugs about today. Including these 2 Shieldbug Nymphs…

IMG_2544 IMG_2751

The Redshank on the pool was not the only Redshank we saw today. Plenty of the plant variety about….


Essex Skippers (Top 2 Photos). Small Skipper (Bottom Photo)…

IMG_2610 IMG_2911 IMG_3011

Green-veined White…


Dingy Footman…


Male Red-tailed Bumblebee…


Small Fan Foot…


One bit of important news. Me and Ken are convinced we saw a Nightjar today. Going over tonight to have a look and listen.


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