Overcast but Bright!

Managed a distant photo of the Rooks that have been knocking around the last few days…


Only just spotted this Hare in this wheat field, opposite the Wardens Office…

IMG_9228The next 2 photos were both distant. Nice to see a Greenfinch these days…


Also distant was this male Linnet…


With reports of a Little Egret using the Mere Farm Pool, we keep checking it out. No luck with the Egret. But like yesterday there was a Lapwing…

IMG_9378 IMG_9392

This is a Harlequin Ladybird emerging from its pupa stage…

IMG_3154With it being so quiet, its good checking out Essex Skippers (Top), and Small Skippers (Bottom)….

IMG_3177 IMG_3310

Unknown Larva in the Heather…


Only my second Drinker adult found. Not a great photo, it was way up high and in a very dark area…


The only other moth worth photographing was this Brimstone…


Update on visit last night looking for the Nightjar. Unfortunately there was no sign of the Nightjar. The unusual thing was, I decided to take a photo of the sun setting. Did not notice till I got home I unknowingly got a photo of what I think is a Glow Worm…


Cropped photo….Must admit it looks a very large Glow, but I have no other explanation, what it could be. Answers on a Postcard….


and a lot bit darker…

Image 1


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