Sitting at home right now (soaked) wondering why every time I’m over HC its pouring down. But when I get home the sun comes out????

Because I got soaked I only got a few photos at The Wardens Office. Including this Red Twin-spot Carpet…


Most of the moths this morning were showing signs of wear and tear. Like this Barred Straw (Top Photo) and a Sandy Carpet (Bottom Photo). I should say this was down to the none stop rain from yesterday…


At last I have photographed a Male Yellow-tail, displaying its yellow tail naturally. The last one I photographed showing its tail, was soaked and had been blown up against a wall. So now I have had the pleasure of seeing this….

IMG_3805 IMG_3859

The person who picks up this Staffordshire Wildlife Trust leaflet, may get a closer look at Wildlife than they actually wanted. This Common Earwig was inside the glass box where the leaflets are kept for visitors. But the photo at least gives the impression that this young girl doesn’t mind looking at an Earwig….


Sent this next photo off, although not rare, I believe its not recorded very often in Staffordshire (Maybe Wrong). This is only my second ever Dicranopalpus Ramosus I have seen and photographed. Its directly above the conference room door. So no worries for our Flower Arranging Ladies there then. Myself I think this is a very impressive spider….

IMG_4183 IMG_4183 - Version 2

IMG_4183 - Version 3

Unknown 5mm long Moth…


To kill a bit of time to see if weather would pick up. I had a trip over to Halfpenny Green Airport. This Wind Sock highlights what I think as been the biggest problem for the wildlife on HC this summer…The constant wind we have had….



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