Yet another rainy day! Must admit its great growing weather, with Hogweed and Willow-herb around the 7 foot mark.

The moth numbers have been down on the Wardens Office, with only this Shaded Broad-bar (Top Photo) and a purplish Snout (Bottom Photo)…

IMG_4335 IMG_4449

Decided to do a close up of a Harvestman (Leiobunum rotundum), which was sitting still on the Wardens wall…


With it being so wet, there were loads of Snails and Slugs around. Here are just a selection I photographed….

IMG_4573 IMG_4584 IMG_4599 IMG_4651 IMG_4752 IMG_4783

Apotomis turbidana…


This is just a record photo, from Mere Farm Pool. It so hard to get a good photo of such a fast bird like this Sand Martin on such a dull overcast morning. There were actually 3, probably heading south to a warmer climate….Can you blame them?..



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