The early morning was nice and sunny, with only a slight Breeze.

Must start off this post with the highlight of the day (maybe the year). I’ve been trying to see/photograph a White Letter Hairstreak on HC for a few years now. The times i’ve stopped and walked up Hazel Alley looking at a known site for these very elusive butterflies. I was beginning to think that they may have disappeared from HC totally, or it was a Myth. Well yesterday while at work I received a phone call from Dave Collins to say one of his friends had spotted a White Letter Hairstreak. Dave gave me some directions where his friend had seen said butterfly. So early this morning I headed right to the area. Even early this morning it was 14ºC so I knew I stood a chance, if one was still there. When I got to the area, I was amazed to find several Purple Hairstreaks all low down, some even in the pathway grass. Must admit thats the most I have ever seen low down (photos to follow). Seeing this happen I guessed I must be in the right area for the White Letter Hairstreak to pop in. After photographing several Purple Hairstreaks, I noticed a warmer coloured Hairsteak. I knew right away this was what I had been waiting for, for so long. At first the breeze was blowing it flat, but I took loads with the telephoto, not to disturb it. Then moved slowly a bit at a time to get in Macro range. The first 2 photos, were the first I photographed with the long lens. Then the last 2 with my macro.

I would really like to thank Dave for giving me the heads up on this cracking Butterfly…


Here are a small collection of the several Purple Hairstreaks that led to me finding the White Letter Hairstreak. One of the below photos surprised me. With there not being any sign of the purple which gives this butterfly its name. I thought even the females showed a little amount of purple. But apparently not….

IMG_7391 IMG_7412 IMG_0809 IMG_0819 IMG_7453

Found 2 Larva today. The first one I’ve identified. Its called a Broom Moth (Melanchra pisi). I think this is a stunning larva. All I need to do now is add the Adult moth to my list…

IMG_7562 IMG_7568

This second green larva remains unidentified…


This is another unidentified Invertebrate…


This next photo is not nice to see, but Its useful for knowing what mammals we have on HC. To be honest I’m no Mammal expert. But the guy on iSpot is. He also does work on Mammals for the RSPB. This is a dead Eurasian Pygmy Shrew (Sorex minutus). Its a shame, but I like to think it lived a full and happy life….


Good numbers of Large White’s today…

IMG_0831 IMG_0946

Volucella Bombylans…


Hornet probably looking for easy targets on the thistles….


I really like these Tetragnatha spiders…


Meadow Grasshopper close up. With me having the luck to see the WL Hairstreak today, I did look for the Bog Bush Cricket. I would seriously like to tick this off my not seen list…


Female Common Darter…


The last time I saw Bittersweet (Solanum dulcamara) I was at Frampton Marsh RSPB…






UPDATE!!! The moth on the heather yesterday, is called a Heather Neb (Aristotelia ericinella)…


Being a Nature Lover. I would just like to say R.I.P. Cecil The Lion. May your killer have his Harris used as an Arrow Quiver!


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