Dry and Sunny and when I looked at the temperature it was 19ºC.

Only one moth at The Wardens Office this morning. But at least it was a moth I have been trying to photograph for a while. I have seen this moth a few times now. But I’ve not had much success with photos. The last time I saw it was on The Moth Trapping night organised by The Staffordshire Wildlife Trust. So here is my first photograph of a Phoenix. The Phoenix is only slightly bigger than the Small Phoenix, which I have photographed a lot this year. The marking’s on both are also slightly different….


Four-banded Longhorn Beetle on Bramble…


Good news about The Heathland Corridor. I spotted 3 Speckled-bush Crickets up there today. This one though was taken on Goldie Heath…


Silver Y…


As yet this Bumblebee is unidentified. But I have looked closely, and I can’t see any baskets on the back legs. So I suspect its a Cuckoo Bumblebee. Click on Photos to make bigger…

IMG_1064 IMG_1080 IMG_1081 IMG_1084 IMG_1086 IMG_1088

When I spotted this Peacock, I thought there is something different about it. Still not worked it out yet. Answers on a Postcard…


I think this is one of my best photo’s of a Red Admiral. Just like the setting, and its pose…




Like the Bloody-nosed Beetles, these Blue Shieldbug’s seem to have a long season. It was Easter when I spotted my first one this year…


Got to see both Male and Female Common Darters today…

IMG_1146 IMG_1150

I saw a Migrant Hawker today. Also 2 Brown Hawkers. At the moment, they are so busy catching fly’s, they are not giving me any photo opportunities. This is my best from today, of a male Brown Hawker…


Small Copper on Bell Heather…


Found this Harlequin Ladybird on my car….


I decided to look at what tree the White Letter Hairstreak had landed on yesterday. Mainly because I believed they stayed on the Elm Tree, and also fed on the Aphids Honeydew which lived on that tree. Well yesterday’s White Letter Hairstreak landed on this young Silver Birch…

IMG_8000 IMG_8011 IMG_8019


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