Lovely warm sunny afternoon.

I had an elderly gentleman scratching his head this afternoon. He must have been thinking..why is that chap photographing a Toilet sign? I wish he would have asked, rather than keep looking back. If he would have asked I would have pointed out this Large Twin-spot Carpet…

IMG_9177 IMG_9203

There was another Pebble Hook-tip on the Wardens wall…


Also yet another Lesser Swallow Prominent. I’ve now seen loads of these this year. But the strange thing is only by The Wardens Office Door Light???….


The Dun-bar was lower down today, so I got a better photo…


There are loads of these D.ramosus on the Wardens Office walls. This one was the largest I’ve seen…


It took me a while to figure out what this moth was. I could only photograph it from below, so it made identification a bit harder. But I’m sure its the dark form of a Large Yellow Underwing..


Marbled Minor agg…


I need to look this up, to see if Leucism is common in butterflies. Well this Gatekeeper was partially leucistic…


Only got one photo of this Sexton Beetle Mites, just as it took flight…


Female Small Skipper on Corn Marigold…


This small hoverfly (6mm) could be one of the Melanostoma. You can probably see how small it is by the Bell Heather…


This was an amazing sight on Brants Hill. Shame my photo doesn’t show how much Rosebay Willowherb seeds where blowing in the wind. At times it looked like smoke…

IMG_9624I knew when I saw how the new Heathland Corridor looked after its creation, that it would be great terrain for Common Darters. This afternoon I saw this female sunning herself on the path up there…


Its been a while since I saw my last Treecreeper….


Not my best photo of a Migrant Hawker, but at least this afternoon I finally got a photo…



This Larva is a White Ermine final instar…


This Macro Moth is called a Birch Sober (Anacampsis blattariella)…



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