Lovely sunny afternoon. The car temp said it was 19ºC

What an absolutely fantastic wildlife day I had today. Must start off with my favourite highlight today! Funny thing is, these were the last photos I took today, and my second experience of seeing wildlife cross in front of the car, while driving down the lane. I will cover what happened on the way to HC after these photos. On my way home tonight, I was just about to pass The Wardens Office on Highgate Road, when what I thought was a Stoat flashed across the road in front of me. So ever the optimist I pulled up, and gambled it would come out the other side of the hedgerow into the crop field. Leaning on the fields gate, and waiting a few minutes, my hunch paid off. At first it just popped its head out, but eventually ran across the tractor tracks and vanished in the crop. Not having my glasses on, I took all the below photos, and still thought I had a Stoat. I even showed Hannah and Vicki (SWT Wardens) the photos and was proudly saying how great it was to see and photograph a Stoat, which at least came from HC. When I got home and put my glasses on, the first thing I noticed was that it did not have a black end to its tail. I must admit I’ve seen several Stoats over the years, and got used to seeing the size and black tail. Even the one I saw on HC earlier on in the year I knew was a Stoat because I plainly saw the black ended tail. I had confused myself on its real identification, because I had only ever seen one Weasel before (never photographed), and that was half the size of a stoat. After about half an hour reading late this afternoon, I realised there was a cross over size. You get large Weasels and small Stoats.  One other thing about below photos, as it was running across tractor tracks (it all happened so fast) it appeared to be hunting. Which might explain why I got so close. I’m going to post quite a few of the photographs I took, so you get the feel of what I witnessed. So good to know HC also has Weasels and Stoats. Enjoy only my second ever Weasel…

IMG_1581 IMG_1584IMG_1563IMG_1597 IMG_1601 IMG_1605 IMG_1606 IMG_1610 IMG_1611

Now for the second incident of wildlife crossing in front of my car and going into a field. Unlike above Weasel, I have seen Red-legged Partridge with young all round the lanes of HC. With my Circle Of Life hat on, I did have a thought tonight…I wonder if young Partridge was on the Weasels menu?


Would like to thank Hannah (SWT Warden) for the next photo. It appears this Large Emerald is interested in the SWT Reptile/Wildlife events on HC over the summer holiday…


A second Black Arches turned up, but at the Wardens Office this time. Most people would probably just pass it by, and not appreciate its beauty, thats if they even saw it in the first place, Just to illustrate this fact I took below photos…


My best photo to date of a Small Rivulet…


What a great day, even added a new Pug to my list. This one is called a Golden-rod Pug…


I love the eyes on these Barred Marbles…


Seems I was not the only one who got a few Rosebay Willowherb seeds on them yesterday. This Coxcomb Prominent looks to have a few on it as well, either that or thistle seeds. Never noticed the beautiful purple on these before…


Unidentified Moth…


I swear this Hornet was drinking from the broken Thistle stem….


Large White…


Male Common Darter…


Small Copper on Bell Heather…



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