Nice sunny morning, but the temperature had dropped. Only 11ºC early morning.

Usual start at Wardens Office. Spotted this fresh looking Common Wainscot…

IMG_2995 IMG_3131

Large Twin-spot Carpet…


I do believe this is my first Grey Dagger seen at HC. Gets its name from the obvious dagger markings…

IMG_3400 IMG_3442

Possible Apotomis turbidana. But I am checking this out…


This Unknown Spider was really small. Probably only 3-5mm long…


This female Pheasant was acting really strange. Running from left to right, across my path. Then I spotted the reason. I had probably stopped her crossing the path with her chicks. I saw about 4 chicks, but I think there was more. I was not quick enough with my camera for a good photo of a chick. Mind you they were really moving about fast, looking for Mum…

IMG_2472 IMG_2476 IMG_2495




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