Only had 5 minutes over HC today. That was just to check Wardens Office walls out for any moths that decided to hang on till 4pm in the afternoon. Glad I did make the effort, because the only moth left there was this stunning Canary-shouldered Thorn. Only the second one I have ever seen, and my first at Highgate Common…

IMG_6036 IMG_6054

The main reason I didn’t get much time at HC today, was because Me, Ken and Dave decided to visit two Nature Reserves round the Oxfordshire area….

Image Image 1

At the first site visited… Aston Rowant I saw my first Chalkhill Blues. Although in my opinion any blue butterfly is nice to see. I really love the look of the Brown females in this species. Here are a few Male and Female photos….

IMG_5157 IMG_5386 IMG_5568 IMG_5643 IMG_5669

Also at the first nature reserve, I added these really nice Silver-spotted Skippers to my butterfly list…

IMG_3124IMG_5492IMG_5553As usual I found two unidentified things to photograph. One Very Large Cricket, and a Larva….

IMG_5701 IMG_5408

After seeing both species of butterfly we had planned to see at Aston Rowant. It was onto the second Nature Reserve- Whitecross Green Wood. This time our target species was Brown Hairstreak. Both Ken and Dave had visited here before, and did not have any success. So it was a fingers crossed visit. Luckily within 10 minutes of being there, we had a beautiful Female Brown Hairstreak feeding low down on some Hogweed. But after about two hours, we must have seen at least six. Here are some of the photos of the duller Males, and the beautiful Females….

IMG_5786 IMG_5787 IMG_5810 IMG_3325 IMG_3348 IMG_3433 IMG_5885 IMG_5902 IMG_5988

A bonus for me was seeing this very worn Silver-washed Fritillary….


Unlike HC at the moment, there were loads of Southern and Migrant Hawkers…

IMG_3233 IMG_3264 IMG_3499

Dave found an Unidentified Shieldbug, with a Red Mite for company…


Just has we was heading home, we saw this Marsh Tit, collecting Thistle seeds…


What a Totally Fantastic Day! I would highly recommend a visit to both sites. Obviously timing for certain species is important!


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