Monday & Tuesday.

Not much time to post the last two days.

Waited ages to see this nice Pug. It was a shame it was so high up at the Wardens Office. Its called a Tawny Speckled Pug..


This Micro Moth must be the smallest I have ever seen. I would guess at the most it was 5mm in length. Its called a Black-headed Conch (Cachylis atricapitana)…




There were still 3 Common Redstart on the main Common monday, but none seen today. Not a great flight photo, but it does show the Redstarts red tail off well. In fact the word Start in the birds name, is an old name for Tail. I actually think there has been 4 Common Redstart now. The bottom photo, is not one of the birds we saw saturday….

IMG_3628 IMG_3632 IMG_3660

Not 100% sure of this photo, but I think its a young Chiffchaff. Its does appear to have both Mites and Ticks, which could explain the scruffy plumage….


Still photographing every Silver Y I see…

IMG_6611 IMG_6644

This is my first ever Brown Argus on the main Common…


Painted Lady…


This Brimstone posed so well for me to photograph. Of these two photos, I actually like the back lit photo (bottom)…


Ruby Tiger on The Wardens Office door frame today…

IMG_6821 IMG_6868

Nice to see a posing Yellow Shell in its natural surroundings. Also sitting on top of the Bracken for a change…


Lastly..I would like to thank Ken Ball for sending me this photo of a Bordered Beauty. This is a moth I have not seen. So I’m a bit disappointed I was at work this morning…

Image 8


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