Didn’t have much time at HC this morning. I just checked the Wardens Office lights. But this was a nice highlight, a new moth for me. This one is a Yellow-barred Brindle. Which for a green moth, seems a strange name. But like the Green Carpet it fades to a lighter colour. In this case yellow….


This next moth was really lucky I didn’t step on it. I had already walked passed it once without seeing it. I even walked passed it a second time, but it did catch my eye. I think if the leaf litter had been a bit heavier, this Drinker would have been perfectly camouflaged….


There were two Canary-shouldered Thorns. One really well worn, this one also had a Lacewing for company…


There were quite a few Lesser Swallow Prominent….


Yet another Speckled-bush Cricket on a wall, and not a Bush…



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