Felt a bit cooler this morning, and the wind made it feel even colder. But the temperature was 13ºC.

This was a smaller Canary-shouldered Thorn at the Wardens Office this time…

IMG_8217 IMG_8306

Its getting that time of year, where the moths numbers seem to be dropping off. This Silver Y already looks well past its best….


The only other thing to photograph at the Wardens Office was a Bumblebee. Note the empty Pollen Basket on the leg…

IMG_8360Yet again another moth with fantastic camouflage. This time an Old Lady. I wonder if these need help crossing the road?

IMG_8386Cormorant  fly over…


Nice to see a Finch flock building up, down Mere Lane. This one mainly Linnets and Greenfinch’s…


Loved watching this Hornet take the legs and wings off this Flesh Fly. Leaving just the protein of the body, probably to take back to the Barn Owl Box….

IMG_8588 IMG_8589 IMG_8590 IMG_8596 IMG_8605 IMG_8608

Newly emerged Common Darter female….


Comma on Bramble…


A few signs that Autumn is almost upon us….

IMG_8498 IMG_8860


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