A very dark and wet day. It was also slightly cooler with it being 12ºC at 9am.

Not wanting to get soaked, just decided to do the usual quick check of the Wardens Office for Moths.

With the rain starting late last night, I was pleasantly surprised at how many moths there were this morning. But unfortunately nothing new. I couldn’t resist taking a few different angles of this Canary-Shouldered Thorn. Its so much easier when they are at eye level like this one was…

IMG_9754 IMG_9774 IMG_9936 - Version 2

Yet another Silver Y but I quite like the marking’s on this one…


Green Carpet…

IMG_0056 IMG_0107

I found a second Flounced Rustic. This one a bit lighter coloured than the 1st one I found….


This was nice to see, although it was not my best of photos. I’ve photographed  Mother of Pearl moths a few times over the years. But never seen one with the iridescent lustre, which gives this moth its name….



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