What a difference a day makes. Really sunny and warm day. With the temperature up to 19.5ºC

Another difference from yesterday, was the amount of photo opportunities I got today. Strangely there wasn’t any moths to photograph at the Wardens Office. With this being the case, and a bit more time on our hands, we decided to check out the Mere Farm Pools. There were good numbers of Canada and Greylag Geese in the nearby field….

IMG_4964 IMG_5104

Also at the pool were at least 10 Pied Wagtails…


Common Buzzard down Mere Lane…






Glad Ken got to see two Common Lizards today. I wish I had been a bit quicker on the first one we saw. It was sunning itself on a Silver Birch trunk…


This is the first Fly Agaric we’ve seen this side of summer….


Plenty of Swallows over HC today! I always try to improve on previous flight photos. I did not manage that today. But I did get a juvenile, probably calling to be fed. I do believe the parents can actually feed them in flight….


I didn’t notice till I examined these photos at home, that this male Southern Hawker had a complete hindwing missing…

IMG_1544 IMG_1632

With the sun being warm, and not so much wind about today. It was one of our best days for butterflies. Most of them were feeding on the beautiful Heather. We are also now pretty confident we are seeing White Letter Hairstreaks at a couple of sites on HC, unfortunately none are landing to have a chance of a photo. Next 7 species are all on Heather…

Red Admiral…

IMG_5304 IMG_5435

We saw 2 Painted Ladies, one really well worn…




4 Small named butterflies next on Heather…Small Copper…

IMG_1366Small Heath….


Small Tortoiseshell….


Small White…


None Heather Butterfly photos:- Large White…


Speckled Wood on Bramble…


This Meadow Brown was the 1st butterfly I took this morning. It reminded me of the subject of Dew from yesterday’s post. I felt a bit sorry for it really in the long dew wet grass. Not only has it got dew on its leg and antenna, its also got a droplet on its eye….


With a Straw Dot (Moth) on The Staffordshire Wildlife Trust truck photographed a couple of weeks ago. It was the turn of a butterfly today.  With this well worn Comma sitting on the Logo on the Bonnet…

IMG_1740 IMG_1747

Must say I really enjoyed today’s walk over HC.


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