Cooler day today, with not so much sun. But it was nice to have a walk with Ken again.

Started the morning off, with a new moth at the Wardens Office. I did think I had seen a Pink-Barred Sallow before, but when I checked back through my photos/records, It turns out this is my first. I love this moths eyes….

IMG_3254 IMG_3278

Checking the area where I saw the two Nymphs yesterday, to see if I could show Ken them. Ken spotted these two Common Green Shield Bug Nymphs….

IMG_3543 IMG_3573

Update… Talking about the nymphs from yesterday (Photo Below). The main reason I could not find them on the Shield Bug website, was because they were not Shield Bugs. They were in fact Nettle Ground Bugs….


There is now a good selection of Fungi/Slime Moulds around HC. I was actually looking for Ink Caps, but did not find any. So here are a selection of Fungi/Slime Mould I photographed today….

IMG_3343 IMG_3357 IMG_3406 IMG_3412 IMG_3454 IMG_3458 IMG_3500 IMG_3531

Unidentified Lavra….


After seeing so many Jays yesterday, and photographing one helping itself to a Hazel Nut. This was a bit of a gruesome sight to see. I would guess a Buzzard had had a good meal. But it was in the area where I had seen the Stoat. Not sure if Stoats can climb trees to catch roosting birds, but this was the outcome…..


This is only my second ever 24-Spot Ladybird I have ever seen. Both this year…..



One thought on “10.10.15.

  1. Linda says:

    It’s great to see you’re posting here again, Andy! You must be really pleased with that new Moth, it’s a real beauty!
    Also love the Fungi photos, surprised to read that you didn’t find any Ink Caps, there are loads of those here!


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