Dull but a warm October afternoon.

Me and Ken decided to check out the Wardens Office, before we visited Kens friends farm. The Wardens Office turned up yet another new moth for my list. Its called a Green-brindled Crescent. The green on this moth was very distinctive. In fact in my moth book, it describes the green as metallic. Which I would agree with totally…

IMG_4058 IMG_4077

There was also a November Moth. The winter moths are now turning up. Just wish it had been lighter conditions. Its hard to get sharp images in such bad light…


Then it was off to Kens friends farm. Although very quiet, we did have a distant and brief glimpse of this Kingfisher…

IMG_6537 IMG_6548 IMG_6560 IMG_6566 IMG_6573

With the light fading fast, we decided to call it a day, and head off home. But I did enjoy the couple of hours out.


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