What a totally different day to yesterday. This morning was sunny, and quite mild.

As usual started the morning off checking the Wardens Office out for moths. Under the one light was this beautiful Mottled Umber…IMG_5037 IMG_5071IMG_5069

I do believe both these moths are November Moths. But I am getting this checked out. The lighter moth seems slightly more patterned, than the light form of this moth is normally…

IMG_5122Also on the Office wall was this Dicranopalpus Ramosus…

IMG_5169 IMG_5181

White-lipped Banded Snail….


I also went on a Health and Safety route walk with Cobs (Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Warden) today. Here Cobs is reporting a branch thats about to fall, in Hazel Alley….


On our walk we spotted this distant Buzzard just taking off…

IMG_7257 IMG_7262 IMG_7263 IMG_7264 IMG_7265 IMG_7266

The numbers of Fieldfare and Redwing where similar to the other day, with 4 Fieldfare and 8 Redwing feeding on the Rowans over by the Island Pool (Note the Redwing to the left of the 3 Fieldfare)….

IMG_7285 IMG_7312

One of the 8 Redwing in flight…


Its been a while since I saw my last Smooth Newt, so I think this was my highlight of the day. Also thanks to Cobs for finding it, and her company on the walk….



2 thoughts on “22.10.15.

  1. Linda says:

    Great photos again, Andy! It’s always hard for me to notice the difference between a Fieldfare and a Redwing wit both their chest speckled! Love the way the Buzzard is taking off!


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