The last day of October was surprisingly sunny and mild. It also turned up two new moths to add to my list. The 1st moth was this Sprawler….


The other I had a bit of luck with. I needed to use the toilet on my way home and found this Juniper Carpet inside the public toilets at The Wardens Office. It can be awkward carrying a camera into toilets. But in the name of Wildlife it must be done…


There were also 2 very different looking November Moths again. I still find these very tricky to ID…

IMG_5429 IMG_5535

This is the new Bird Feeding Station by The Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Office. The Wardens were going to help some local children put the food out today. So lets hope some of the children turn into budding naturalists…IMG_5557As yet this is an unidentified Snail. But I would guess it maybe a Strawberry Snail…


Also unidentified was this Bee. With the naked eye it looked very yellow. But on inspection of my photos, it looked covered with pollen….


Distant male Bullfinch eating the Rowan berries. I was shocked at how many of the Rowan trees had been totally stripped of their berries….



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