Although it was mild (11ºC) for the 1st day of November. It was not ideal conditions to see any wildlife, with a blanket of fog hanging over HC most of the morning. Top photo the Main Common…Bottom Photo Goldie Heath…


Started morning off by looking for moths. Only 2 moths found. This Mottled Umber was the 3rd time I have seen this species. Each time there has been a colour difference. with this one the darkest of the 3….


Also another different looking November Moth….


Also on the Wardens Office wall was this Harlequin Ladybird….




A good flock of Long-tailed Tits flew over me and Ken. With 25+ all heading to the main Common. It was a shame it was so foggy. I like the photo of the one bird flying in…

IMG_7737 IMG_7745

Me and Ken had to laugh this morning, when we spotted this in the woodland near Hazel Alley. I would guess this maybe the children who took part in The Halloween event run by The Staffordshire Wildlife Trust yesterday…

IMG_5803 IMG_5839

I think this is a new fungi to add to my list. I am checking it out, but I think its Chondrostereum purpureum….


2 different types of large Boletes….

IMG_5925 IMG_5945


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